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Rotary Screw Air Compressor

30KW 40 HP 180 CFM Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressor For Sale

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We supply top quality 40 hp rotary screw air compressor. Moreover, our price has advantages. This 30kw screw compressor is PM variable speed drive type. If air pressure is 7bar, the air flow is about 180 cfm. And if air pressure is 12 bar, the air capacity is about 120 cfm. So if you need 120 cfm, 150 cfm and 180 cfm screw air compressor, you can choose this one. 40 hp industrial air compressor has wide applications. For example, we can use it for pneumatic blasting, spray painting, instrument control and automation device, etc.

40 hp screw compressor

Specifications & Parameters of 40 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor:


Item Name


Data of 40 HP Screw Compressor


Air Floe/ Rated Air Pressure of 30kw Screw Compressor

(m3/min)/ Bar

5.3m3/min@7bar(≈180 cfm), 5.0m3/min@8bar(≈170 cfm), 4.5m3/min@10bar(≈150 cfm), 3.6m3/min@12bar(≈120 cfm)


Suitable Ambient Temperature



Cooling Mode of Industrial Screw Compressor


Air Cooling


Discharge Temperature of Compressed Air

≤Ambient Temp.+15


Oil Volume




Driving Mode


Direct drive


Adjustment Way of Air Flow


Permanent Magnet VFD


Starting Type of Air Compressor

Variable Frequency Start


Oil Content in Exhaust Air




Noiseof 40 hp rotary screw air compressor




Safety valve setting pressure


Nominal Working Pressurex1.1


PM Motor




Rotating Speed



Starting Type






Protection Class





Fan Power






Rotating Speed



Air Volume








N.W. of 30kw screw compressor




Outlet Connection



40 hp rotary screw air compressor structure

Characteristics & advantages of our 30kw screw compressor: (1) Extreme energy saving

Because of the frequency inverter, it can eliminate the no-load consumption. The average no-load consumption is 30%.
Using permanent magnet frequency conversion, the efficiency is 5~7% higher.
Eliminate excess pressure waste and save energy consumption by 7-8%.

Suppose there is a 30KW ordinary screw air compressor. It runs 8000 hours a year. Then the annual electricity bill is 30KW*8000*1/KW*h=240000CNY.

And use our 40 HP VSD rotary screw air compressor. A year can save 30% to 42% of energy consumption. Total: 240000*30%=72000CNY. That is, it can save at least 72,000 CNY in electricity bills each year.

(2) High quality screw compressor spare parts

40 hp industrial air compressor uses Hanbell airend. Low speed, good reliability and durable. Moreover, the airend has high efficiency.
The compressor air filter has a large filtration area. The air intake is uniform around the circumference.
Built-in oil separator has good separation effect.
The whole compressor machine is connected by hard pipes, and there is no leakage point.

In summary, it can guarantee the operation stability of our air compressor. So saves maintenance costs. The wholde 30kw air compressors warranty is 1 year. And airend warranty is two years.

(3) Famous brand inverter

This 180 cfm air compressor adopts Inovance brand frequency inverter. It has strong overload capacity. Besides, applicable voltage range is wide. In the case of unstable voltage, it can still work stably.

(4) Stable air pressure

It utilizes the stepless speed regulation characteristic of the frequency inverter. Through the PID regulator inside the VFD, the startup is very smooth. For occasions with large fluctuations in air consumption, it can quickly adjust and respond. Therefore, it can stabilize the air pressure.

(5) Smart control exhaust

The power frequency air compressor can only work at one air flow. But permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is different. Its air discharge can be in a relatively wide range. Automatically adjust the motor speed according to the actual factory air consumption. Control exhaust air volume. Produce as much air as you use. When the air consumption is low, the 30kw screw compressor can also automatically sleep. Thus greatly reduce energy loss.

(6) The voltage adaptability of the AC power supply is better

The inverter has a regulation function. When the AC power supply voltage is low, it can still output enough torque to drive the motor to work. And when the voltage is slightly higher, the voltage output to the motor will not be too high. In addition, we can customize 40 hp rotary screw air compressor with different voltages.

Troubleshooting of 40 hp rotary screw air compressor (1) High temperature alarm or shutdown

During operation, the exhaust temperature exceeds 100°C, causing protection action. The possible reasons are as follows:

① Firstly, the ambient temperature maybe high. So it will lead to high intake air temperature of the 30kw screw compressor. As a result, it directly leads to high exhaust temperature. The solution is to add an exhaust hood on the roof of the air compressor room to control the indoor temperature from being too high.

② Secondly, lubricating oil has deteriorated or is insufficient. Compressor oil does more than just lubricate. Moreover, it can reduce the compressed air temperature to a certain extent. Therefore, when the lubricating oil is insufficient, it cannot cool the compressed air well. Eventually it may lead to high discharge temperature. So we need add or exchange the compressor oil.

(2) Insufficient exhaust air volume

Due to the motor power and the airend length, the discharge volume of the screw air compressor will vary. The reasons for insufficient air production are as follows:

① Firstly, the selection is wrong. You bought the 40 hp rotary screw air compressor. Its max rated air capacity is about 180 cfm. But the actual situation is not like this. Many users do not know the specific air consumption of their own production at the beginning. Just choose blindly based on their own estimates. So this cause exhaust pressure not to rise up. It’s below rated discharge pressure. As a result, it cannot meet the normal air consumption of the factory.

Solution: add a new machine. Make the discharge volume of the screw air compressor 10% to 20% larger than the air consumption.

② Secondly, there is something wrong with the 40 hp rotary screw air compressor. If there is no air leakage point in the compressed air pipeline, then there should be the problem of the 30kw screw compressor unit itself.

In many cases, customers neglect the maintenance. The air filter of the screw air compressor is blocked. After replacing the new air filter, it can work normally.

If the intake valve cannot open fully during loading, we can know that the decrease in exhaust volume is the fault of the intake valve. So we should take it off for repair or replacement.


Q1: If I buy your 40 hp rotary screw air compressor, what’s the MOQ for color customization?

A1: If you want to paint your colors, the MOQ is 10 sets.

Q2: What spare parts should I buy with the 30kw screw compressor?

A2: Usually we advise customers to purchase some filters together with compressor. After you use the machine for 500 hours, it needs the first maintenance. In addition, after 2000 hours work, we also need to replace them.

Q3: Can I use this air compressor for food Industry?

A3: This 40 hp rotary screw air compressor is oil-injected type. Food and pharmaceutical industry usually requires oil free air compressor. You can choose our this produce: water injected oil free screw air compressor.