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Refrigerated Air Dryer

50m³/min 3Bar 4 Bar Low Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Normally refrigerant dryer is 7~10bar. But this low pressure air dryer is 4 bar. Besides, this one is high temperature refrigeration dryer. In addition to the 4bar dryer, we can also customize other low pressure dryers, such as 3 bar, 6bar, etc. It can remove moisture in compressed air effectively. Finally we can get the low pressure dew point. The low pressure air dryer applications are as follows: textile, printing, ceramic industry, etc.

Technical parameters of low pressure refrigerated air dryer:

Machine namelow pressure refrigerant dryer
Working principleTwo-stage precooler, refrigeration, condensation, five-stage air-water separation
Intake air flowStd.50 Nm3 /min |3000 Nm3 /Hr
Intake air pressure4 bar
Intake air temperatureStd.50 ℃ | Max:80℃ (there needs precision filter in front)
Ambient temperatureStd.32 ℃ |Min 2℃ Max:38℃
Air pressure lossStd.0.2 bar
Outlet dew point2℃~10℃
Low pressure air dryer power14.4 KW
Refrigerant compressorAmerican Copeland brand/high efficiency scroll type
Dimensions1870 H×2400 W×1420 D
Low pressure dryer typeOpen type (no enclosure)

Why choose our refrigerant air dryer?

(1) Stable performance and dew point

We design heat exchange system of the dryer with HTFS software. There is a margin of more than 20%. It adopts a counter-flow design. So the heat transfer efficiency is higher. The evaporator and air exchanger adopt the structure of copper tube and aluminum fins. High heat exchange efficiency. Besides, the air volume of the condensing fan is large. Increase the cooling effect of low pressure air dryer. So ensure long-term efficient and stable operation of the system.

(2) Famous brand refrigerant compressor

This low pressure refrigerated air dryer uses Copeland compressor. It is famous brand and has super performance. Firstly, it has high cooling effect and stable quality. Secondly, this compressor has internal safety device. So make sure that the refrigerant dryer works well. Besides, it has low noise and is power saving and durable.

(3) High quality refrigerant spare parts

Firstly, we use Danfoss brand expansion valve. It can control the supply of refrigerant entering the evaporator. So can prevent liquid refrigerant from flowing into the compressor. Secondly, it uses EMERSON brand filter dryer. It purifies the refrigerant. Protect the refrigeration system. Thirdly, the refrigerated dryer uses Sporlan brand hot gas bypass valve. It can maintain the evaporating temperature above zero all the time. So avoid water freezing and ice blockage.

(4) 99.9% air-water separationefficiency

The dryer uses three-stage steam-water separator. It can separate 99.9% of liquid moisture from compressed air. Prevent secondary evaporation of water. So it can guarantee the low dew point quality of the product air.

How to choose low pressure refrigerated air dryer for air compressor?

In fact, for low pressure dryers, there is a quick selection formula:
Dryer air flow=air compressor air flow * 8bar/(working pressure +1bar)

This formula applies to dryers, filters, coolers, etc. The pressure range is 3.5bar to 6bar. Volume is inversely proportional to pressure. So the lower the pressure, the higher the dryer flow.

Assume that the air compressor capacity is 13.5Nm3/min. Its exhaust pressure is 0.45MPa. The discharge temperature is 40°C. In addition, need the pressure dew point of 2 to 10°C. Then, the air flow of refrigerant dryer = 13.5*8/5.5=19.6 Nm3/min. Therefore, choose a 150P air dryer.

If dryer selection is too small, the pressure drop will be too large. It will also cause problems such as substandard export dew point. In addition, if there are strict requirements for pressure drop, it requires special design.


Q1: Can your refrigerant air dryer be remotely controlled?

A1: This low pressure dryer has no remote control function. But we can customize it and add PLC.

Q2: What’s lifetime of your refrigeration air dryer?

A2: Our compressed air dryer has reliable quality. And the lifespan is one year. It means that we’re responsible for dryer quality. If there is a problem, we provide free accessories.

Q3: What kind of refrigerant do you use for the low pressure air dryer?

A3: The refrigerant of this dryer is R22. But we can also supply other eco-friendly types, such as R410A, R407C and R134A.