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An Aluminum Co., Ltd

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An Aluminum Co., Ltd

Founded in 1978, Huabei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise, which is jointly operated by Hong Kong Oriental Xinyuan Industrial investment company, China Aluminum Industry Company, CITIC Xingye trust investment company and Hebei Metallurgical Group Company. It integrates the production and deep processing of aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil and aluminum tube, aluminum bar and aluminum profile. It is a national "advanced technology enterprise" and a national One of 520 key enterprises of the economic and Trade Commission.

 In this case, the existing air compressor room is transformed into an energy-saving one. Through the overall optimization of air compressor, pipeline and post-treatment equipment, it saves about 10000 kw-h of electric energy for the owner every day and creates great value for the customer.

  In combination with the actual working conditions of the site, we suggest that the owner transform the original sets of old cold dryers and non heat absorption dryers into our HRB series of air blast heat zero gas consumption regeneration adsorption dryers, with obvious energy-saving effect.