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Desiccant Air Dryer

37m³/min Zero Air-loss Blower Purge Regenerative Air Dryer

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Our dryer is top brand of regenerative air dryer. And this regenerative desiccant dryer system is energy saving. Because it is blower purge zero air loss. Compared to heatless air dryer, it can save energy by 70%. If compared to heat adsorption dryer, it can save energy about 50%.

This zero air loss blower purge desiccant desiccant dryer system includes several parts. That is, two towers, blower, electric heater system and cooler system. In addition, there are also switching valve and control systems, etc. Welcome to inquire our regenerative desiccant air dryer.

Firstly, the blower draws in ambient air. Then the heater heats the air. So they will heat the adsorbent to desorb moisture. During cooling, the hot air circulates through the cooler and regeneration tower. It performs continuous closed cycle. The regeneration tower is cooled and desorbed. The entire regeneration process does not consume compressed air. Therefore, compared with heatless dryer, it can save energy energy saving by more than 70%.

1. Technical parameters of zero air-loss regenerative desiccant air dryer:

DryerinletaircapacityStd. 37.0Nm3/min|2220Nm3/Hr

2. Why choose our desiccant air dryer system? (1) Highly energy efficient

The regenerative desiccant air dryer has a blower. It can pump ambient air for heating regeneration. So it doesn’t consume the compressed air. Below we will take an example. Then compare the running costs of different regenerative desiccant dryers. For example, there is a 228m3/min oil-free centrifugal air compressor. Its power is about 1225KW. The air compressor works 365 days a year. Continuous working 24 hours a day. The electricity price is CNY1.1/kWh. And the cost of water is CNY0.25/ton.


(2) TSE dew point energy saving control function

TSE uses the actual outlet dew point for dynamic control. It detects the saturation of the in-line tower in real time. If not reaching saturation, it will extend adsorption cycle. This ensures a stable dry dew point. Moreover, it maximizes energy savings in regeneration. It can save more than 30% compared to desiccant dryer system without TSE.

(3) Our regenerative desiccant air dryer is with EBZ200-2 multi-core drive intelligent control system

The system is intelligently controlled by PLC. Besides, it’s with human-machine interface touchscreen display. Its design level is ahead of the entire air compressor dryer industry.

Besides, desiccant dryer system has a multi-core drive mode. It can intelligently detect according to the actual conditions. At the same time, it can automatically adjust the optimal operating efficiency of dryer. Ensure that the regeneration is truly complete. So the dew point is more stable.

In addition, it can extend the adsorption cycle automatically according to the load. Therefore, it save significant energy consumption. Compared to traditional single core control mode, energy saving can reach more than 20%.

(4) Use the high quality raw material and spare parts

Our regenerative air dryer uses the high quality desiccant beads. For example, there are 700KG activated alumina and 300KG molecular sieve in this 37m³/min dyer. The high pressure blower is Taiwan brand. Ensure reliable and safe operation of desiccant dryer system.

The control valves are German brand. Long service life and low failure rate. In addition, the pneumatic components are Taiwan AirTAC brand. And the electrical components are Schneider brand.

(5) Our dryers work well with famous air compressor brands

3. How does zero air loss desiccant dryer system works?

Regenerative air dryer adopts advanced chemical technology. It uses desiccant beads to absorb water vapor in compressed air. Good adsorbents have porosity. Besides, they have a large specific surface area.

Under pressurized airflow, the adsorbent surface has the property of adsorbing water vapor. On the contrary, under the reduced air flow, the water vapor will fall off. back into the airflow. At the same time, heating helps the water vapor overcome the Van Der Waals force. Thereby desorb the adsorbent.

Specific workflow of regenerative desiccant air dryer is as follows:

(1) Adsorption drying process of desiccant dryer system

The air compressor discharges saturated compressed air. Then they will passes through desiccant beads in the drying tower. So it will adsorb a large amount of water vapor. These water vapor will remain in the capillary pores of the adsorbent. Drying process will wait until the regeneration of the regeneration tower finishing. Then start to cycle switch.

(2) Desorption process of regenerative desiccant dryer

① First is the pressure release process of desiccant dryer system. The regeneration tower must be reduced to atmospheric pressure. Discharge pressure and start second process.

② Second is the thermal purging process. The blower is running. It inhales the ambient air. Then the heater will heat up. Then enter the regenerative desiccant dryer to complete the thermal purge. Finally remove and drain moisture.

③ Third is the cold purge process. The cooling process starts. At the same time, heater stops working. The blower sucks the remaining air flow inside. These air streams flow through coolers, adsorption towers. Finally back to the blower. Gradually it reduces the temperature of the desiccant beads.

④ Fourth is the boosting process. The regeneration exhaust valve closes. At the same time the regeneration valve remains open. Boost and reach operating pressure.

⑤ Fifth is the standby process. At this time, the regeneration tower has finished pressure boosting. Regenerative air dryer waits for the switch.

⑥ Sixth is TSE dew point energy saving control process. It can carry out dynamic control according to the actual dew point. So it can save energy to the greatest extent.

⑦ Finally, it is the process transformation. So it starts new process of desiccant dryer system.

4. Routine maintenance of regenerative desiccant air dryer (1) Daily check for the desiccant dryer system

① Firstly, check and record the various parameters of regenerative air dryer. That is, the working pressure of the A/B adsorption towers, the adjustment pressure of regeneration air and the heating temperature, etc. Confirm that these parameters are within the design range.

② Secondly, check the pressure inside the adsorber. Check if there is more than its maximum working pressure.

③ Thirdly, check whether the adsorber pressure is synchronized with the state of the program.

④ Fourth, check the pre-filter. Observe whether there is poor drainage of liquid water.

⑤ Finally, check the regenerating adsorber pressure. Observe if it is below 0.02MPa.

(2) Monthly inspection for regenerative desiccant dryer

① Firstly, check the operating conditions of regenerative air dryer. That is, inlet flow, inlet pressure and temperature. Observe whether they are within the design range.

② Secondly, check the pressure drop of pre-filter and post-filter.

③ Finally, open the drain valve of the adsorption tower. Drain the remaining condensed water out of desiccant dryer system.

(3) Quarterly check the adsorption air dryer

① Check the pressure difference between the front and rear filters. Observe whether it exceeds the allowable differential pressure value.
② Check if the inside of the control air filter is clean.

(4) Annual inspection for the regenerative air dryer

① Firstly, check whether the desiccant beads fail. Supplement or replace according to the situation.
② Secondly, check whether the 5/2-way solenoid valve is sensitive. Replace if necessary.
③ Thirdly, check the pneumatic valve and check valve in desiccant dryer system. Observe whether there is a defect. Replace if necessary.
④ Finally, check whether the electrical circuit and components are aging.

5. FAQ

Q1: Can blower purge zero air loss regenerative air dryer reach -70℃ dew point?

A1: Yes. Its dew point can reach -70℃. But we usually only do -40°C. There is still some water pollution during the cold purge process. Therefore, it will increase very higher power at this time. If you need -70℃ dew point, we recommend the micro air-loss type dryer.

Q2: What’s the lifetime of your desiccant beads?

A2: Our regenerative desiccant dryer uses high quality adsorbent. Its service life can reach 2 years. Of course, we recommend installing precision filters front of regenerative air dryer.