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Desiccant Air Dryer

heated desiccant air dryer 0.7 to 510m3/min

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The heated regenerated air dryer includes an external electrical heater to heat dry purge air for desiccant regeneration. Heating allows the dryers to consume only 6% of the dried compressed air volume for this purpose – significantly less than is required for heatless air dryers.  The flow capacity is available from 0.7 to 510m3/min,the outlet pressure dew point is - 40 deg C . 

Standard Features

High Performance pneumatic Valves

Oil-less pneumatic valves are designed specifically for high temperature applications and feature stainless steel internals and filled PTFE seats.

Low wattage heater with high temperature interlock

Low-wattage high incoloy sheathed heater for efficient regeneration.

Heater high temperature with interlock alarm provides continuous monitoring of heater sheath temperature. The heater will de-energize in a high temperature condition.

High Efficiency Centrifugal Blower

Reliable, quiet generation of purge air. Intake filter is positioned for convenient access to facilitate filter element changeout.

High performanced desiccants

Double fixed bed layers, respectively filled with high performanced activated alumina and molecular sieve.

Advanced PLC controller

PLC Controlling system executes and monitors all dryer functions, 7" Touch screen panel displays dryer status.

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