Gas dryer removes water vapor prior to storing or using gas.High content water can cause side-effect.Such as in CNG station,it will lead to blockage in fueling systems and can contribute to corrosion in vessels,piping,even to the center gas compressor.The need for gas dryer is determined by the water content from incoimg gas and the minimum ambient temperature.Even in cooler climates,a dryer is likely required.Also,in warmer climates gas dryer is required.

  We offer application specific components, engineered to ensure the performance, safety,and reliability of your operation. This includes safety options and corrosion resistant materials for those gathering applications where the gas contains acidic or toxic components, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

  These options include but not limited to:

  Semi-automatic control and regeneration,
  Full-automatic control and regeneration,
  Special materials for serious gas components,
  Special heat treatment for pressure vessels and welded connections...
  Chengdu Tianyi Natural Gas Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been actively involved in the Natural Gas Industry since 2000,which is a professional Reciprocating Gas Compressor manufacturer,supplying natural gas gathering compressor,wellhead gas compressor,associated gas compressor package,gas lift compressor unit,CNG equipment and technical service company in China.Based on many years of experience in CNG Station solution,Tianyi is capable of supplying CNG refueling station equipments,CNG Mother and Daughter station equipments,CNG compressor,conversion kits,ground storage cylinders cascade tank,CNG motor generator sets,along with related aftermarket services,spare parts and technology consultation.Tianyi is the leader in natural gas compression for the CNG market in China, and have efficient solutions for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry. Our CNG solutions have proven reliability, efficiency and safety in numerous installations at home and abroad,including the United States,Europe,Russion,Pakistan


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